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          "Green Fiber" certification

          source :本站   Author:管理員   DateTimeTime:2017/3/24 15:33:34   VisitCount:2056

          On March, 2017, China Fiber trend conference 2017/2018 was held in Shanghai. Dope dyed polyimide fiber developed by Jiangsu Aoshen was certified “Green Fiber” by China Chemical Fibers Association.

          Doped dyed polyimide fiber expands the application, not limited in the industrial area. It can be also applied in the protection clothing, civilian garment, home textile and so on. The products got certified of Oeko-Tex? standard 100. It’s naturally anti-bacteria and far infrared. Aoshen adopted dry spinning method to produce the polyimide fiber. This method is high efficiency and low energy consumption. The production process is environmental.