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          Suplon?Fleece polartec ,first choice for fire fighter uniform .

          source :本站   Author:管理員   DateTimeTime:2015/9/11 14:08:57   VisitCount:2047

          Recently, Jiangsu  Aoshen Hi-tech material Co., Ltd.(A.B.  Aoshen) has developed a new type bladderfabric which is made up of 甲綸Suplon?. In further, the hi-tech fabric has been applied in China Police Forest protection clothing bladder. After the fire simulation experiment testing, the SuplonTM fabric bladder hasbetter thermal protective performance than the traditional fire suit.


          It is well known that the forests areprecious resources for human beings and the forest fire is the biggest enemy ofthe forest. Fortunately, as the Suplon fabric bladder is widely used in thefire-fighter area, the forest protection become more efficient and safety.


          Aoshen is focus on the environment and lifeprotection, and sincerity expects your cooperation.