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          The ASPI was exported to Europe

          source :本站   Author:管理員   DateTimeTime:2015/6/9 14:08:15   VisitCount:1875

          Recently, thefirst batch of ASPI was exported to Europe. It’s the first time that thecompany’s product was traded outside Asia, marking the company has entered theinternational market.

          In early May, thecompany’s products were exhibited successfully in Frankfurt Messe, attracting anumber of foreign businesses. Some businesses even ordered the polyimide fiberdirectly. The batch of exported polyimide staple fiber was sent to GermanyFulda, located in middle Germany, near peripheral commercial centers of Germanyand Europe.

          With the “GoingOut” of product, it brings a lot of confidence to the company. In future, thecompany will commence on the contact with the businesses that demand thepolyimide fiber not only to make a sales breakthrough, but also establish agood basement for further development of international market.