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          High performance heat-resistant polyimide fiber become Jiangsu popularized and applied new technology and new products

          source :Intranet   Author:The administrator   DateTimeTime:2015/1/28 10:11:34   VisitCount:1987

                   Recently,Jiangsunew product new technology application and popularization joint conferenceoffice issues the <Jiangsu popularized and applied new technology and newproducts> certificate to the Jiangsu Aoshen New Material Co., Ltd. highperformance heat-resistant polyimide fiber. This certificate marks that thecompany technology and products become province appliedand popularized newtechnology and products.

                      Asthe first manufacturer of dry spinning polyimide fiber, the products polyimidefibers have completely independent intellectual property rights. The polyimideproducts have several advantages of large market space, strong impetus ability,long industry chain, that the products have high-impact new products in the newmaterials industry.

                      Itis reported that the certificated products will enjoy the support of policy andresource, which will help the company to reduce the cost of productspopularization, and raise the efficiency of the popularization. The companywill seize the opportunity to break the difficulties, and finally become biggerand stronger in the polyimide industry.