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          Polyimide chopped fiber
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          Polyimide chopped fiber

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          Line density:1.5D-5.0D(1.67dtex-5.5dtex)


          Thefiber is manufactured through dry spinning technology and has good mechanicalproperties and excellent properties of high temperature resistance, flameretardant resistance, radiation resistance and decay resistance. Because of theexcellent characteristics, polyimide is used to be a kind ofreinforcing materialin the composite material to prolong thelifetime of the composite material, especially for the polyimide fiber paper.

                Thepolyimide paper has several characteristics which are shown below:                                                                     

          1)   Heat stability: the long-term usetemperature of the paper is 260℃ andthe electrical and mechanical properties are not affected.

          2)   Flame retardant: the paper carbonizeddirectly without burning under high temperature.

          3)   Electric insulativity: the dielectricconstant of the paper is lower and it can maintain the better electricinsulativity under high and low temperature and wet environment.

          4)   Mechanical performance: the paper is abrasion-proofand has higher strength.

          5)   Chemical property: the paper has better acidresistance performance.

          6)   Irradiation resistance: because of theexcellent irradiation resistance, polyimide paper is the best material used in aerospace.

          Polyimide paper can be used for theinsulation of H, C class motor and dry-type transformer; and also electricalinsulation and honeycombed structure material. The honeycombed structurematerial is widely used as light-weighting lumber of radome, cabin, andaerospace.