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          Polyimide fiber
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          Polyimide fiber

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          Line density:1.5D-5.0D(1.67dtex-5.5dtex)


          1)       High temperaturestability: the long-term use temperature of ASPI  polyimide fiber isup to 260℃.Thefiber can be used in higher temperature in short time.

          2)       Dimensional stability:the dry heat shrinkage (280℃, 30 min) of ASPI  polyimide fiber is less than 1%, which can guarantee the dimensional stabilityof filter bag.

          3)       Chemical stability:because of unique chemical structure and dry spinning technology, ASPI  polyimide fiber has better chemical resistance compared with other highperformance fiber.

          4)       Excellent quality:mature quality control system makes the product quality is excellent andstable.