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          Polyimide filament
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          Polyimide filament

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          Line density:110dtex-3300dtex

          Breaking Strength:≥4.0cN/dtex

          BreakingElongation: ≥15%


          TheASPI  polyimide filament can be used toweave High temperature flame retardant protectivefabrics ,and also can be used asreinforcing materialin the composite material.

          TheASPI  polyimide filament can be long-termused in 260℃.For its’ excellent flame retardance and insulation character and light weight,it is widely applied in cable sheath for the aircraft and watercraft. Furthermore, with the outstanding character in U-V resistance, oxidative resistance,anti-hygroscopicity,theASPI  polyimide filament is grateful in theoutdoors cable sheath.